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Status of Social Science Research in India (TTI Phase 2)

Despite rising demand in India for research and knowledge, social science research funding by government is low and has been declining over the last two decades. The majority of Indian think tanks producing evidence are struggling to survive, owing to a lack of adequate core funding to continually renew their institutions. Project funding often only covers the costs of projects, and private philanthropy is inadequate to meet the need.

The lack of a national social science research policy is a constraint to the long-term sustainability of research institutions. A major roadblock in the design of such a national policy is the limited evidence on the supply and demand trends in the policy research sector itself. This project, funded through the Think Tank Initiative (TTI), will address these crucial gaps by undertaking a set of research studies to provide detailed evidence on the institutional landscape, funding, research infrastructure, extent and types of collaborations, and quality dimensions in the social science research sector.

Among the project's outputs will be a national report on the state of social science research and a set of recommendations for the design of a national social science research policy. The renewal of the social science research infrastructure is expected to result in a substantial, positive impact on public policy research in India and it will promote and encourage high quality national research management standards.

About the Think Tank Initiative

TTI is a multi-funder program dedicated to strengthening independent policy research institutions, or think tanks, in developing countries. The program aims to enhance their ability to provide sound research that informs and influences policy.

This second TTI phase (2014-2019) will fund 43 institutions, helping them consolidate their role as credible development actors in their countries, and in some cases, regionally and internationally.

Project ID
Project Status
End Date
12 months
IDRC Officer
Samar Verma
Total Funding
CA$ 75,397.00
Think Tank Initiative
Think Tank Initiative
Institution Country
Project Leader
Ms. Revathy Vishwanath
[Member-Secretary] for and on behalf of Indian Council of Social Science Research