Second Gender Profile on the Palestinian Occupied Territories 1999-2008

The first gender profile was compiled by the Institute of Women's Studies (IWS) at Birzeit University, and published under the title, Towards Gender Equality in the Palestinian Territories. The full text can be downloaded from The document brought together data and scholarship on gender issues and gender gaps in the areas of law, human rights, political participation, labour, economics, poverty, health and education. The book was intended to inform ministries, donors, nongovernmental organizations, Islamic movements and activists on women's rights and gender equality in the Palestinian context.

This grant will allow IWS to produce the Second Gender Profile of the Palestinian Occupied Territories 1999-2008. The book will review and articulate the experience of Palestinian women since the Second Intifada, a context of ongoing sanctions, mobility restrictions and armed conflict, in which the institution-building and democratization focus of pre-2000 has given way to emergency aid and crisis management.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


12 months

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Alma, Eileen

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CA$ 145,400


Middle East, West Bank and Gaza, Central Asia, Far East Asia, South Asia


Governance and Justice

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Dr. Islah Jad


Birzeit University

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West Bank and Gaza

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