Scaling Research Results: Design and Evaluation

Canada's International Development Research Centre (IDRC) supports research to seek scalable solutions to improve the lives of people in the developing world. While there is general understanding of the meaning of "scaling up/ within the domain of research for development, a precise concept of "scale" is yet to be theoretically or operationally defined. This project will help develop the definition. Design and evaluation The project will provide helpful guidance to IDRC management and its donor partners in the design and evaluation of research programs that seek to fulfill one of IDRC's key objectives in the Strategic Plan 2015-2020. It will advance discussions on scale by bringing together development theory and practice experts to explore research programming cases that demonstrate scale. Through this group, we will build an empirically derived conceptual framework for the theory, practice, and evaluation of scaling research results. We will also highlight the innovative ways in which IDRC is approaching scalable research for development. Value and leadership This project will enhance IDRC's partnership value proposition by demonstrating leadership in this field. It will also showcase our innovative and collaborative approach to knowledge creation. This will position IDRC as a leader in the area of scaling research results and designing research programs for scale. It will also strengthen IDRC's capacity to share and learn about effective research funding with strategically important partners. Scaling research is a field of primary interest to our key partners in both the public and private sectors. Findings on multiple platforms The project outcomes include the following activities: Commission a monograph of original knowledge and practical guidance from multiple experts in research scaling and evaluation, including contributions on -the theory of scaling research, designing research to achieve scale, and designing research programs to achieve scale -case studies from IDRC programs and/or strategic partners to illustrate success in the area of scaling research results -guidance for evaluating research scaling and programming for scalable research Offer the monograph in multiple forms, including: -Web-based platform -e-book -summaries -high-level synopsis

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12 months

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Robert McLean

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CA$ 131,259