Scaling Up the International Impact of Action Research : Social Analysis Systems (SAS2) - Phase III

Social Analysis Systems (SAS2) represent a significant effort to address central issues in the creation and mobilization of knowledge for development. SAS2 integrates theoretically informed tools and multidisciplinary means into a practical and nuanced approach to people- and evidence-based action research. In so doing, SAS2 seeks to bridge the gap between civil society and the academic world by incorporating the contribution of action research into the processes of knowledge production, problem solving and decision-making that do not lend themselves to easy solutions designed by experts alone. Earlier phases were supported under projects 100836 and 102600.

This project's aims are twofold: to scale up the contribution of SAS2 theory and practice to academic thinking and university training in the field of action research worldwide; and to support Southern leadership of regional and thematic SAS2 communities of practice. Specific objectives will be to compile an SAS2 digital library; to publish a scholarly book on the contribution of SAS2 to the theory and practice of action research; to provide ongoing coaching and advanced training to leading Southern researchers engaged in SAS2-inspired action research; and to link SAS2 practitioners to the needs of specific research communities and projects.

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Start Date

Saturday, November 1, 2008

End Date

Monday, April 1, 2013


36 months

IDRC Officer

Mougeot, Luc

Total funding

CA$ 498,630


Foundations for Innovation

Project Leader

Dr. Jacques Chevalier


Carleton University

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