Scale Up of Homestead Food Production for Improved Nutrition in Cambodia (CIFSRF Phase 2)

Household food insecurity, seasonal food shortages, and nutritional deficiencies among women and children are prevalent in Cambodia. This project will refine proven innovations in homestead food production and will test cost-sharing, financial, and social impact models at scale to improve nutrition, income, and gender equity. Testing homestead food production approaches Homestead food production empowers the poor with the education and resources they need to raise their own nutritious foods. The project team will ask men and women smallholders living in Cambodia's upland, lowland, and forested regions to self-select from four food production options: -backyard gardens alone -gardens plus fish -gardens plus poultry -gardens plus poultry and fish Researchers from the University of British Columbia and Helen Keller International will identify barriers to participation and factors that motivate farmers to adopt and invest in the intervention. They will integrate underlying factors that influence nutritional outcomes including water, sanitation, and hygiene practices. The project builds on previous research testing homestead food production with vegetable gardens in combination with fish ponds to grow nutrient-dense small fish for household consumption and large fish for sale. The earlier research found that nutritional quality was enhanced, incomes improved, and women had a greater role in household decision-making. Better nutrition, improved food security At the end of three years, 22,500 households and 135,000 individuals are expected to benefit directly and indirectly. The project will provide a package of homestead food production options that can be quickly implemented by government, the public, and the private sector across a Asia and in Africa. The project's focus on scalable innovations that improve the quality of diets (using strategies for vegetable production integrated with aquaculture and poultry) aligns well with Cambodia's new National Strategy for Food Security and Nutrition.

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Start Date

Thursday, February 5, 2015


36 months

IDRC Officer

Annie Wesley

Total funding

CA$ 4,500,000


Cambodia, Canada, United States


Canadian International Food Security Research Fund

Project Leader

Tim Green

Project Leader

Evelyn Miguel


The University of British Columbia

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Project Leader

Aminuzzaman Talukder

Project Leader

Sobana Prasad


Helen Keller International

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United States

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