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Resilient Cities Initiative on Climate Change in Latin America and the Caribbean

This joint initiative between IDRC and the Climate and Development Knowledge Network will help strengthen decision-making and scale-up effective action on climate resilient development to improve the livelihoods of those most affected by climate change in Latin America. Climate change in Latin America Climate change impacts represent a serious threat for fast-growing small- and medium-sized cities. In the last decade, demographic and investment changes took place at a rapid pace in Latin America. The impacts of climate change and inadequate institutional frameworks - the laws, regulations, and norms that shape socioeconomic activity - may compromise this economic growth. Rapid and unplanned expansion makes those cities vulnerable to extreme weather and failures in the delivery of public services. Research into action The project funds will provide support to the Fundacio¿n Futuro Latinoamericano to develop two research calls to address these issues and promote the uptake of research results by local policymakers. The goal is to deliver high-quality, demand-led, applied research projects and knowledge management strategies that will help translate research results into policy actions. The project's outcomes will offer local decision-makers practical solutions to enable the adoption of climate resilient policies. The research will specifically address water supply management and provide guidance on how to integrate gender practices into climate resilient plans for five Latin American cities. This project is expected to yield the following results: -five fast-growing cities in Latin America will take a leadership role on climate resilience policies, which include gender practices at the national and regional levels -the research team will develop resilience management tools -local governments will develop skills and knowledge to implement Intended Nationally Determined Contributions for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions

Project ID
Project Status
End Date
30 months
IDRC Officer
Walter Ubal
Total Funding
CA$ 2,024,000.00
South America
Climate Change
Institution Country
Project Leader
Maria Nela Curi
Fundacion Internacional para la Promocion del Desarrollo Sustentable Futuro Latinoamericano"/International Foundation for the Promotion of Sustainable Development "Futuro Latinoamericano""



Participatory planning for climate resilient and inclusive urban development in Dosquebradas, Santa Ana and Santa Tomé


Synthesis report : contributions of the climate-resilient cities in Latin America initiative