Regionalizing the Recruitment of Health Personnel in Burkina Faso

Human resources are essential to attaining the objectives of the Millennium development goals with respect to national health systems. In low-income countries, human health resources are characterized by a deficit of qualified personnel and an unequal distribution of existing personnel. To address these problems, the Burkina Faso Ministry of Health has adopted a number of reforms aimed at improving the quality and quantity of health workers, and reinforcing the institutional framework. In the context of the last reform (2003), the Ministry adopted a policy of regionalized recruitment of health personnel. Several reforms have succeeded one another without any evaluation of the preceding reform to inform the subsequent one.

This project aims to improve the efficacy of policies aimed at reducing inequalities in the distribution of health workers between regions in Burkina Faso. It also seeks to identify factors associated with health worker on-the-job satisfaction as a function of their method of recruitment. In this way it will allow decision-makers to understand the context in which the strategy was formulated, to evaluate the effects of the strategy and to take the necessary steps to improve it, with a view to extending it to other categories of health personnel.

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Start Date

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

End Date

Sunday, June 16, 2013


36 months

IDRC Officer

Larocque, Renee

Total funding

CA$ 369,013


North of Sahara, South of Sahara, Burkina Faso


Maternal and Child Health

Project Leader

Adama Traoré

Project Leader

Blaise Sondo


Centre national de la recherche scientifique et technologique

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Burkina Faso