#Recognize-Resist-Remedy: A research project to combat gender-based hate speech against women in Brazil and India

Neither India nor Brazil have laws that effectively respond to sexism in online hate speech, in part because hate speech classifications in the law fail to comprehensively cover sexist speech. With only piecemeal legislation, the legal system ignores the violation of women’s dignity and the fault lines of class, ethnicity, race, and caste that lead to gender-based hate speech. There are also definitional and jurisdictional challenges in applying the law to the online environment.

#Recognize-Resist-Remedy will focus on institutional and individual transformation to combat sexist and misogynistic speech online in Brazil and India. This project will identify the main shortcomings that need to be addressed through legal reform. It will also harness the window of opportunity created by women speaking out in these environments to tackle the proliferation of sexist and misogynistic speech online. The aim of the project is to input recommendations into emerging policy processes, intermediary liability regimes, and governance frameworks for online content. The project will also work with young people to shift attitudes to demonstrate how deep change is possible.

IT for Change (India) and InternetLab (Brazil) will work together on the research in both countries using an interdisciplinary critical feminist framework. They will use a mixed methods approach incorporating legal and policy analysis, field research, case studies analysis, participatory action research, and validation through a global experts meeting.

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24 months

IDRC Officer

Ruhiya Seward

Total funding

CA$ 399,600


Brazil, India


Networked Economies