Precooked beans for food, nutrition, and income in Kenya and Uganda

Beans are an important food product that contribute to nutritional security, income generation, and employment in Kenya and Uganda. Although beans are typically consumed without much processing, this project will promote the added value of precooking beans to improve food security, generate income, and preserve the environment.

Using precooked beans should reduce cooking time and the use of energy and fuel. Value-added processing presents great potential to improve food and nutritional security, reduce energy consumption, preserve the environment, create jobs, and contribute to global economic development.

The approach based on the entire value chain of the project involves studying sustainable models intended to:
- increase the production and supply of beans suitable for precooking;
- develop and test precooked bean products;
-promote precooked beans through innovative public-private partnerships.

This research project is the result of a partnership between the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute and the National Agricultural Research Organization of Uganda.

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Start Date

Friday, July 4, 2014


30 months

IDRC Officer

Jemimah Njuki

Total funding

CA$ 2,646,200


Kenya, Uganda


Cultivate Africa’s Future

Project Leader

Michael Ugen Adrogu


National Agricultural Research Organization

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Project Leader

David Karanja


Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Research Organization

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