Measuring Pluralism in Diverse Societies - A Global Pluralism Index

The Global Centre for Pluralism (GCP), created in 2006 by the Government of Canada and the Aga Khan, is an independent research and education centre based in Ottawa that aims to advance respect for diversity as a new global ethic and the foundation for inclusive citizenship.

The GCP generates research and analysis and serves as a platform for knowledge exchange and dialogue to inform and support policymakers and practitioners who are working to advance pluralism around the world. GCP defines pluralism as a set of values and actions, founded on respect for diversity, that support and sustain inclusive societies.

Previous IDRC support to the GCP involved formulating a research framework around the concept of pluralism. Through this grant, IDRC will support the GCP in developing a Global Pluralism Index. This Index will be designed to assess the state of pluralism and to track trends related to inclusion and exclusion around the world. Additionally, the Index will add value to ongoing efforts in the field of upstream conflict prevention, which seeks to address the underlying causes of conflict.

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24 months

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Tavinder Nijhawan

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CA$ 100,000

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Poorvi Chitalkar


Global Centre for Pluralism/Centre mondial du pluralisme

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