Latin American and Caribbean Environmental Economics Program Phase III

A grant to improve a new generation of Latin American leaders' understanding of how to better manage natural resources will contribute to the region's economic and social development.

Earlier IDRC grants helped the Latin American and Caribbean Environmental Economics Network (LACEEP) create a growing network of researchers who share information and resources among themselves, and who advance the use of rigorous, evidence-based, policy research in the region.

This grant for Phase 3 of IDRC support will help the network strategically address some core recommendations from a recent evaluation. Among the recommendations: LACEEP will undertake to address regional disparities and priorities through its research grants program; widen its outreach among academics and policymakers; and provide strong technical support in the field of environmental economics and natural resource management.

In its first six years, LACEEP contributed significantly to building the capacity of researchers in the area of environmental economics: 61 grants have been awarded and the network offered a number of workshops and training courses to more than 350 researchers and policymakers.

Upcoming activities are expected to include competitive research grants, customized short courses, workshops, and networking and outreach activities. These activities will directly contribute to LACEEP's long-term development goal: helping a new generation of leaders, decision-makers, and academics recognize the links between environmental degradation and increased poverty.

Expected outcomes include a solid body of empirical knowledge through peer-reviewed publications, policy briefs, and a website to share knowledge with a broader audience, including key decision-makers; a consolidated network of practitioners and researchers in the region, enhanced institutional capacity; and increased awareness among policymakers about the role of economic analysis of environmental problems.

Project ID


Project status


Start Date

Sunday, January 1, 2012

End Date

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


36 months

IDRC Officer

Adhikari, Bhim

Total funding

CA$ 1,257,930


North and Central America, South America


Food, Environment, and Health

Project Leader

Dr. Francisco Alpizar


Tropical Agriculture Research and Higher Education Center

Institution Country

Costa Rica

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