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Integrated multisectoral approach to a sustainable mother and baby health information system in Senegal

Data in Senegal’s health information system is only collected from public health facilities, which doesn’t account for the many patients who use private, informal, and other facilities. As a result, many people and conditions go uncounted. The data itself tends to be of poor quality, leading to widely varying statistics about the state of health. This project will create a strong foundation for using comprehensive and quality data to fully understand the priority health issues and for developing relevant responses. Strengthening the collection and use of routine health data will also contribute to strengthening the civil registration and vital statistics system needed to better track births and deaths.

This project will strengthen the existing national health information system in Senegal by working with communities and diverse health institutions to collect, process, and use quality data about women’s, children’s, and adolescents’ health. This will be used to more effectively develop policy, plan delivery services, and allocate resources. It will also inform national reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals. The Ministry of Health and Social Action is leading the effort with participation by L'Institut de Santé et Développement, La Fondation Institut Pasteur de Dakar, and Le Centre de Suivi Ecologique.

Project ID
Project Status
48 months
IDRC Officer
Marie-Gloriose Ingabire
Total Funding
CA$ 745,100.00
Global Health
Global Health
Maternal and Child Health
Institution Country
Project Leader
Youssoupha Ndiaye
Direction de la Planification de la Recherche et des Statistiques