Institutionalizing the Ecohealth Approach : Training and Awards Program (Latin America and the Caribbean)

Projects involving both health and environmental interventions are becoming more common, bringing together with greater frequency professionals from different disciplines. Yet, scientists and technicians still have difficulty taking on working strategies that incorporate different areas of expertise. Since 2002, with IDRC support, the National Institute of Public Health of Mexico (INSP) has offered a short course on ecosystem approaches to human health (Ecohealth) as part of its refresher program in public health and epidemiology.

This grant will allow INSP to develop an annual program on the prevention and control of vector-borne diseases and exposure to toxic substances. The program will comprise three elements: a region-wide training and awards program; institutionalization of the Ecohealth approach within INSP's graduate program; and a co-financing strategy to sustain the program in the long term.

Project ID


Project status


Start Date

Monday, June 5, 2006

End Date

Sunday, January 31, 2010


36 months

IDRC Officer

Sanchez-Bain, Walter Andres

Total funding

CA$ 395,400


North and Central America, South America, Mexico


Food, Environment, and Health

Project Leader

Horacio Riojas

Project Leader

Mario Henry Rodriguez


Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública

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