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Inclusive growth and development: An IDRC-World Economic Forum collaboration to promote innovative public-private-civil society partnerships

Advancing economic growth while achieving broad-based progress in living standards has become a key priority issue the world over. With growing inequalities, persistent gender gaps, and mounting pressures to boost economic opportunities for young people, countries are searching for practical guidance to tackle these challenges. There is growing recognition that sustainable solutions cannot come from government, civil society, or the private sector alone. Innovative approaches nested within public-private-civil society partnerships are needed.

This project seeks to foster inclusive economic development by providing concrete examples to governments and other stakeholders, and by building a platform for identifying innovative private-public partnerships that offer the potential for scaling up, replication, or adaptation. It will develop regional and global platforms whereby the private sector, local governments, the donor community, and civil society can work together to develop and champion sustainable, scalable, and evidence-based solutions that enable pro-growth and pro-inclusion outcomes.

The project will identify successful policy models and strategies—and failed experiments—through country-level case studies, and map out and learn from successful corporate and public-private practices. This information will be incorporated into a practical, searchable, and digital knowledge bank of policy models and corporate or multi-stakeholder partnership practices. The project will also catalyze public-private dialogues in selected countries and regions that are aimed at engaging a broad spectrum of government ministries, industrial sectors, civil society actors, and other stakeholders to facilitate the development of national and regional strategic actions for promoting broad-based development.

The project will build on the World Economic Forum’s recently launched Inclusive Growth and Development Report, which assesses the inclusiveness of the processes and benefits of growth across 112 countries, with benchmarks spanning a number of key indicators that contribute to an economy’s capacity to grow inclusively.

Project ID
Project Status
End Date
24 months
IDRC Officer
Martha Melesse
Total Funding
CA$ 1,234,400.00
Sustainable Inclusive Economies
Employment and Growth
Institution Country
Project Leader
World Economic Forum