Improving Health Development and Services Monitoring to Address Health Inequities in Indonesia

Indonesia is undergoing rapid demographic and epidemiological changes. Its large and diverse population is changing, as are the patterns, causes, and effects of health and disease conditions in the country. As a result, the Indonesian health system is struggling to deliver the services its people need. The Ministry of Health (MOH) is aware of the growing disparities in health services across the country's 500-plus districts and cities. It has introduced new financial and human resources policies and programs to ensure coverage and quality of care in disadvantaged areas. This three-year project aims to contribute to better and more equitable health development in Indonesia. It will do so through improved district-level monitoring of health services and Indonesians' health status. Researchers will refine and introduce an innovative measurement tool to judge whether the new measures are effective in improving service delivery and reducing health gaps. The MOH National Institute of Health Research and Development (NIHRD) developed the Public Health Development Index (PHDI). It tracks health development progress in every district, ranks the districts, and then identifies areas that are lagging behind. This will help create a better understanding of the reasons for different levels of progress. It will also produce evidence to inform health policy and programs. With IDRC support, NIHRD will enhance the index usability through consultations with experts and key stakeholders. The research team will test the selected index components and their aggregation in pilot districts. Expected results include: - an improved and more reliable Public Health Development Index; - better integration of the index into existing information monitoring systems; - better district government capacity to use the tool; -greater collaboration between district and central government; and, - greater use of sound evidence for priority-setting and decision-making at the district and national levels.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017


36 months

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Marie-Gloriose Ingabire

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CA$ 567,900




Maternal and Child Health

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Nunik Kusumawardani


National Institute of Health Research and Development of the Ministry of Health

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