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Improving data quality for health research at Lacor Hospital

Uganda’s northern region is believed to severely lag behind most of the country in key health indicators such as maternal and child mortality. One reason for this is the lack of a responsive public health system. Lacor Hospital has for the past few decades filled this gap by becoming the primary provider of health care and serving as the first line of response to health challenges in the region. However, without the benefits of the knowledge and innovation that research in the region could yield, the hospital’s ability to be responsive to the health needs of the people has been limited.

The main objective of this project is to improve data and project management systems at Lacor Hospital to position it as a research platform where high-quality data is accessible to answer questions about the health of the catchment population. This project proposes a number of targeted improvements to the hospital’s data and project management systems, including standardizing and digitizing the hospital’s data collection and data entry processes in order to improve data quality; and training selected hospital staff in project management to improve how they manage research projects. If these changes are successful, it is hoped that the hospital will be in a stronger position to attract local and international partners to invest in conducting high quality health research in this neglected post-conflict region of the world.

Project ID
Project Status
End Date
30 months
IDRC Officer
Samuel Oji Oti
Total Funding
CA$ 250,000.00
Global Health
Global Health
Food, Environment, and Health
Institution Country
Project Leader
Thomas Molteni
Teasdale-Corti Foundation/Fondation Teasdale-Corti