Global Entrepreneurship Monitor - Canada Survey

Understanding entrepreneurship on a global scale allows researchers to analyze trends in policies and practice, and identify lessons for improving entrepreneurship. This three-year study will generate valuable information about entrepreneurship in Canada, complementing similar studies underway in developing countries and around the world. Researchers will follow the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) program methodology. GEM is the oldest and largest study of entrepreneurship in the world. Its objectives include: -measure differences in entrepreneurial attitudes, activities, and aspirations among economies; -uncover factors determining the nature and level of national entrepreneurial activity; and, -identify policy implications for enhancing entrepreneurship in an economy. As in other countries, the GEM Canada project will involve a general survey and a survey of experts. IDRC will support national-level data collection, while a number of provincial governments are funding provincial-level surveys. The study will provide detailed information on entrepreneurship in Canada that is directly comparable with approximately 70 other countries. The results will be used to discuss policy options with policymakers across Canada. They will also allow detailed comparisons with developing countries. This comparative analysis will support dialogue on the following issues: -ways to improve entrepreneurship; -the private sector's role in fostering entrepreneurship; and, -how greater entrepreneurship can contribute to economic development in Canada and elsewhere. The Centre for Innovation Studies in Alberta, will lead the Canada GEM project in collaboration with a team of experts from universities across the country. It will complement a number of other IDRC-funded projects in the Caribbean, Africa, and the Middle East. The GEM Canada's overarching objectives are to: -enable better economic outcomes in Canada by examining the state of entrepreneurship; -contribute research that will help create better policies to support entrepreneurship at the national and provincial levels; -build relationships with developing-country researchers who want to participate in comparative studies; and, -create new forms of collaboration between scholars, institutions, and countries.

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Friday, January 13, 2017


36 months

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Ann Weston

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CA$ 275,000


Employment and Growth, Foundations for Innovation

Project Leader

Peter Josty


The Centre for Innovation Studies THECIS

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