Food Security, Adequate Care and Environment (Tanzania and Malawi)

Food insecurity remains a major concern in Africa. In Tanzania and Malawi, respectively, 38% and 46% of children below five years of age suffer from stunting. In Malawi, 14% of babies are born underweight, a key indicator of maternal malnutrition.

This project will investigate the links between environmental quality and food systems (production, consumption, biological utilization) in the context of climate variability and change. Researchers will carry out surveys in two similar (but not identical) settings in Tanzania and Malawi. They will examine nutrition status, dietary strategies, health care, environmental quality, landscape diversity, agricultural interventions and main sources of food. They will identify the causes of nutrition problems and environmental degradation. They will design an intervention to enhance natural resource conservation and food security through agricultural and dietary diversification. And, they will test that intervention with a view to a future rollout of Eco-Nutrition Guidelines for Community Action on Climate Change in Malawi and Tanzania.

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Start Date

Thursday, February 4, 2010

End Date

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


48 months

IDRC Officer

Gasengayire, Francois

Total funding

CA$ 610,000


Malawi, Tanzania, North of Sahara, South of Sahara


Food, Environment, and Health

Project Leader

Joyce Kinabo


Sokoine University of Agriculture

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