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The Food Future's Research Program: Identifying and responding to critical challenges to meet future global food and nutritional security

Real progress against the goals of poverty reduction, inclusive economic development, and improved food and nutrition security require critical transformations in developing countries. These transformations may be driven by a combination of societal changes, new technologies, innovative public-sector policies and/or new investments from the public and private sectors. Agriculture has high potential for meaningful contributions to reduce poverty and hunger, improve nutrition and climate action, and open new economic opportunities, particularly for women and youth. The Food Future’s Research Program aims to identify the most critical trends and future challenges within agriculture and to determine which adaptations will be required to support agriculture’s contributions.

Recognizing that the world is changing rapidly and that many of the future challenges to achieving a more sustainable and equitable food system are yet to be understood, this program will explore and forecast potential future disruptors to understand how they may affect agriculture, both positively and negatively. Using the results of the forecasting exercise, the program will support strategic agricultural research that has the potential for breakthrough and/or transformative impact on global food security into the foreseeable future.

The Food Future’s Research Program takes place within a 10-year collaborative framework agreement signed by IDRC and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research to support agriculture research and improve food and nutritional security in developing countries.

Project ID
Project Status
60 months
IDRC Officer
Renaud De Plaen
Total Funding
CA$ 2,500,000.00
Climate-Resilient Food Systems
Climate-Resilient Food Systems
Agriculture and Food Security
Institution Country
Project Leader
Mellissa Wood
Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research