Facilitating Alcohol Control Law Development in Vietnam

Alcohol abuse is a growing problem in Vietnam. This project targets the issue by providing research to support the Vietnamese government in its efforts to develop a national alcohol control law. Vietnam currently lacks the local evidence needed to argue in concrete terms for these laws and to generate broad-based support for stronger controls. Alcohol consumption is increasing The people of Vietnam have increased their alcohol consumption in recent years, both for commercial products and for unrecorded alcohol products, such as homemade spirits. The country has become Southeast Asia's top beer-drinking market. Spirits with high alcohol content are also very popular. Social problems stem from alcohol abuse Although there is a relatively high proportion of lifetime abstainers, there is widespread alcohol misuse in Vietnam, especially among men. Vietnam's National Committee for Road Safety reports that 6% to 8% of all road accidents are related to alcohol use. At the same time, 60% of domestic violence cases are linked to alcohol. Research to address the problem This project will strengthen alcohol control legislation in Vietnam by examining: -existing national policies and international best practices related to alcohol taxation and pricing; -alcohol affordability in Vietnam and the likely impact of tax increases on alcohol consumption; -industry strategies and practices related to alcohol advertising in Vietnam; and -opportunity costs of alcohol use, including the link between alcohol abuse and poverty. The research team will use a multi-pronged methodological framework that will include: -desk reviews; -econometric modeling; -cross-sectional survey; -qualitative interviews; and -analysis of the Vietnam Living Standard Survey for alcohol expenditure and consumption. HealthBridge Vietnam will lead the project in collaboration with the Hanoi School of Public Health and the Vietnam Ministry of Finance.

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Thursday, December 20, 2018


33 months

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Zee Leung

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CA$ 310,463


Viet Nam


Food, Environment, and Health

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Le Thi Thanh Huong


Hanoi School of Public Health

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Viet Nam

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Pham Thi Hoang Anh


HealthBridge Foundation of Canada

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