Enhancing the Framework for Entrepreneurship in the West Bank and Gaza

Economic problems facing the West Bank and Gaza include high unemployment, low productivity, and an underperforming private sector. Encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation among small businesses could result in more decent jobs with better pay.

The studies delivered through this research activity will address these issues and recommend changes to laws and economic policies in the West Bank and Gaza.

The Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (known as MAS) has a proven track record for solid empirical studies. As the project's lead organization examining the issues that most affect economic status in the area, MAS plans to produce a Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Country Report 2012.

The project's primary goals are to encourage investment, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The research will examine international experiences, local secondary sources, and new information from the 2012 GEM Adult Population Survey.

The research may suggest ways to improve the educational curriculum to ensure that the skills of new graduates fit better with employers' needs. Promoting clusters of firms that could enhance small firms' productivity and competitiveness is another possible way to improve the area's economic health.

Outcomes of the project include presenting all research findings to a new official body, the SME Commission. MAS is a founding member of the commission, which enjoys a broad membership that includes civil society organizations.

MAS will submit some of the studies for publication in international journals. This will boost MAS's reputation and credibility. MAS researchers will also engage more intensively with the international research community.

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Start Date

Sunday, January 22, 2012

End Date

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


24 months

IDRC Officer

Boutros, Iris

Total funding

CA$ 578,200


Middle East, West Bank and Gaza, Central Asia, Far East Asia, South Asia


Employment and Growth

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Numan Kanafani


Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute

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West Bank and Gaza

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