Enhancing Canadian Civil Society Research and Knowledge-Based Practice in a Rapidly Changing Landscape for International Development

This three-year grant will support the Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC) to work with its members to enhance their collective capacity
to adapt to rapid changes in international development. The increasingly complex interplay between peace and security, environmental sustainability, and social and economic development is changing the world of
international development at an unprecedented pace. All development actors - including national governments, parliamentarians, private sector, and civil
society organizations - are being asked to take on new roles and responsibilities as part of a more inclusive development agenda. Civil society will play an
important role when a new framework replaces the Millennium Development Goals in 2015. Engaging in the development agenda CCIC works globally to achieve sustainable human development, end global poverty, and promote social justice and human dignity for all. The organization will
achieve this mission by: -taking an evidence-based approach to addressing global and national challenges and changes through collective reflection, analysis, and action; -supporting the community to adapt to these changes, while sharing knowledge and continuously improving; and, -proposing a meaningful, proactive, and engaged role for civil society in any future development agenda. With IDRC's support, CCIC will promote knowledge-based activities, analysis, and research that will enhance Canadian civil society's capacity to engage in
the rapidly changing landscape of international cooperation. This funding will also help ensure that developing-country perspectives inform Canadian civil
society organizations' learning and research. Activities will include policy briefings, research and conference reports, meetings, issue-based workshops and
webinars, innovative communications tools, improved website access to knowledge-based products, and support to existing and new networks or coalitions around
emerging issues.

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End Date

Thursday, March 9, 2017


36 months

IDRC Officer

Ann Weston

Total funding

CA$ 600,000


Foundations for Innovation

Project Leader

Fraser Reilly-King


Canadian Council for International Co-Operation/Conseil canadien pour la coopération internationale

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