Effective science advice for governments in the developing world

In many low- and middle-income countries, there is little capacity to provide or receive science advice directed at key policy issues, and even fewer structures that can integrate this knowledge into government decision-making processes. This is a major impediment to tackling pressing development issues on a national, or even regional, scale. Most often, researchers and scientific organizations lack the skills, visibility, or networks that can allow them to effectively influence government policy and programs.

This initiative supports the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA), which is working in collaboration with the International Council for Science (ICSU) to build a sustainable network of individuals and organizations able to provide science advice to governments in developing countries. The IDRC-INGSA partnership aims to improve science advice capabilities in developing countries so that they can more effectively use science to solve developmental problems.

The project will support national researchers and policymakers through training and research-oriented fellowships to foster the provision of science advice and to engage in science-policy dialogue. It will organize INGSA workshops, including the production and broad dissemination of relevant materials, primarily case studies, to build the capacity of both individuals and organizations to provide and receive science advice. Finally, it will establish regional INGSA chapters, often linked with national or regional science advice organizations that can serve as “hubs” to build national capacity, explore a range of policy-relevant research-based issues, and make connections with other elements of the national science and innovation system, such as science granting councils.

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Saturday, November 21, 2020


36 months

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Matthew Wallace

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CA$ 1,501,372


Education and Science, Foundations for Innovation

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Peter David Gluckman


Conseil international pour la science / International Science Council

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