Economic Dimensions of Urban Agriculture in the Context of Urban Poverty Reduction Strategies

Research on urban agriculture has traditionally focused on its social, political and institutional dimensions. While there is anecdotal and some hard evidence to suggest that urban agriculture can play a role in income generation, research on the economic dimension of urban agriculture has so far been limited. Nevertheless, there are good reasons to reappraise the value of urban agriculture in supporting poverty reduction efforts in developing countries. These include the rapid growth of urban areas, the food price crisis and the threat of climate change to traditional sources of food security. This grant will support a global scoping study of the intersection between urban agriculture and urban poverty. Based on the study, researchers will draw up a research agenda and identify the most appropriate geographical area and modality for a series of action research projects on the economic dimensions of urban agriculture in the context of urban poverty reduction strategies.

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Start Date

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

End Date

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


48 months

IDRC Officer

Adera, Edith Ofwona

Total funding

CA$ 730,000


Agriculture and Food Security

Project Leader

Dr. Rachel Slater


Overseas Development Institute

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United Kingdom

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Project Leader

Dr. Fredy T.M. Kilima


Sokoine University of Agriculture

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