Development of a Subunit Vaccine for Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia in Africa (CIFSRF Phase 2)

This project will allow researchers from Canada and Kenya to field trial a vaccine for contagious bovine pleuropneumonia. This endemic livestock disease affects the livelihoods of more than 24 million cattle producers and results in annual losses estimated at US$1 billion across sub-Saharan Africa. About the vaccine Using a novel genomics-based approach, researchers have identified candidate vaccine proteins and demonstrated their ability to elicit protective immune response in cattle. Their work has set the stage for commercial development of a sub-unit vaccine. Field testing and production This scale-up project will formulate selected proteins into vaccines and determine the optimal route of administration, dose, and duration of immunity in cattle. The research team will conduct a large field trial involving 1,500 commercial cattle to assess the vaccine's safety and efficacy. They will define the regulatory pathway for the vaccine to be registered and licensed in Kenya and elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa, and determine the socio-economic impacts of the sub-unit vaccine. The sub-unit vaccine will be cost-effective, easy to produce, and safe. How it will make a difference The project has the potential to revolutionize the livestock sector in sub-Saharan Africa, create large-scale change, and provide farmers with great economic benefits. It will build leaders and train a new generation of experts in the neglected field of animal health and vaccinology. The project will strengthen partnerships between vaccine manufacturing companies, government regulatory agencies, and pan-African organizations to scale up and deliver the new vaccine to Kenya and other African countries.

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Start Date

Friday, July 11, 2014


40 months

IDRC Officer

Jemimah Njuki

Total funding

CA$ 4,900,000


Kenya, Canada, South of Sahara


Canadian International Food Security Research Fund

Project Leader

Dr. Hezron Wesonga


Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Research Organization

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Project Leader

Dr. Andrew Potter


University of Saskatchewan

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