Democratizing Information in Agricultural Produce Markets

Most countries in Latin America increased their agricultural production by 20%-50% between 1995 and 2005 (Food and Agriculture Organization - FAO 2009). Nevertheless, poverty in rural areas persists despite high levels of migration to urban centres. Indeed, the incidence of rural poverty increased from 59.9% in 1980 to 61.8% in 2002 (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean - ECLAC 2004). This project will explore opportunities for incorporating small companies and farmers into rural-urban value chains via information and communication technologies (ICTs), mobile phones in particular. New platforms and services have the potential to enhance competitive intelligence and to assist in price formation. Services and knowledge support systems to be explored include meteorological forecasts, future prices, finance, insurance, etc. The overall aim is to investigate, design and implement platforms and information systems to improve the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) participating in urban agricultural markets.

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Start Date

Friday, December 18, 2009

End Date

Sunday, June 9, 2013


36 months

IDRC Officer

Larrousse, Delphine

Total funding

CA$ 253,854


South America, Uruguay, North and Central America, West Indies


Networked Economies

Project Leader

Andres de Sosa


Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura

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Costa Rica

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Project Leader

Fernando Gemelli


Intendencia Municipal de Montevideo

Institution Country

Costa Rica

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