Culture and the Exercise of Decision Making by Women in West Africa

This research is grounded in the phenomenon of the simultaneous existence of a legal arsenal of national and international dispositions favorable to the integration of women in economic, political and social decision-making, and weak participation of women at the local, national and regional levels. Most of the research that has been carried out on the subject in West Africa simply attests to this fact, while the deeper explanatory factors rooted in cultural determinants (habits and customs) are largely unexplored.

This grant will allow the women's rights and citizenship (DCF) coalitions of Burkina Faso, Guinée, Mali and Sénégal to investigate the interplay between the private and the public spheres, and identify cultural and customary obstacles to the full participation of women in decision-making.

The research results will provide a basis for advocacy instruments aimed at overcoming these obstacles and facilitating a better inclusion of women in decision-making.

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Start Date

Friday, March 24, 2006

End Date

Thursday, August 6, 2009


24 months

IDRC Officer

Thioune, Ramata Aw

Total funding

CA$ 436,100


North of Sahara, South of Sahara, Guinea, Mali, Senegal, Burkina Faso


Governance and Justice

Project Leader

Kané Nana Sanou

Project Leader

Marie-Pierre Racky Chaupin


Groupe Pivot Droit et Citoyenneté des Femmes

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