COVID-19 macroeconomic policy response in Africa

Many developing countries do not have sufficient financial, monetary, and social instruments for the necessary immediate and long-term responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. This project aims to inform policy responses in Benin, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda. It will generate evidence to support policymakers, specifically finance ministries, to promote equitable socioeconomic and sustainable environmental policies and interventions in the short and long- term. The project will also support peer learning and capacity building among targeted policymakers and policy think tanks for strong pandemic responses on fiscal and monetary measures, financing and programming options to support vulnerable groups, and rebuilding economies to be climate-resilient, sustainable, and inclusive.

Project ID


Project status



36 months

IDRC Officer

Bhim Adhikari

Total funding

CA$ 1,487,100


Benin, Nigeria, Senegal, South of Sahara, Tanzania, Uganda


Governance and Justice

Project Leader

Palesa Shipalana


The South African Institute of International Affairs

Institution Country

South Africa

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