Climate and Resilience - Operating costs for capacity building

This project will support the Climate and Resilience partnership by covering the operational costs, including salaries and benefits, office costs, and travel of IDRC staff. Separate project approval documents will authorize the execution of individual research projects and activities related to program governance, communication, and evaluation.

The Climate and Resilience transition fund is a partnership between IDRC and the UK Department for International Development. It represents a joint investment of CA$7.1 million over two years aimed at scaling, uptake, and impact of climate research, as well as designing the next generation of research needed to accelerate adaptation and catalyze climate action in the Global South.

Project ID


Project status



24 months

IDRC Officer

Bruce Currie-Alder

Total funding

CA$ 472,857


Bangladesh, Ghana, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Mozambique, Namibia, Senegal, South Asia, South of Sahara, Zimbabwe