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Catalyzing an ecosystem of AI for development-oriented entrepreneurs and innovators

Every day, Africa’s burgeoning community of data scientists, machine learning specialists, and researchers is exploring how artificial intelligence (AI) can contribute to tackling local challenges south of the Sahara. Failure to invest in responsible AI development, which strives to be inclusive, rights-based, and sustainable, may lead to a future where AI exacerbates inequality, fragility, and the effects of climate change in Africa.

This project, through a small-grants call and mentorship program, will catalyze an ecosystem of development-oriented entrepreneurs and innovators who are deploying AI in Africa. It is part of the four-year Artificial Intelligence for Development in Africa (AI4D Africa) program, a joint endeavour between the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and IDRC.

The AI4D Africa program supports policy, innovations, and expanded leadership to spur responsible AI development in Africa. It focuses on three main pillars to advance responsible AI to improve Africans' lives and advance innovation: capacity strengthening and amplifying AI communities in Africa, supporting rights and inclusion through the development of responsible AI policy, and advancing AI innovation networks to address Africa's development challenges.

Project ID
Project Status
14 months
IDRC Officer
Phet Sayo
Total Funding
CA$ 183,400.00
North of Sahara
South of Sahara
Education and Science
Education and Science
Artificial Intelligence for Development
Institution Country
Kenya Impact Innovations Foundation