Cambodia Development Research Forum II

Cambodia's research community is still rebuilding from decades of turmoil that included civil war and a period of ethnic and intellectual cleansing under the Khmer Rouge. Its development research community remains dispersed and unconnected, though there are pockets of strong capacity. IDRC was one of the first international donors active in Cambodia, beginning in 1991, and it continues to support the reconstruction of an active research community.

This grant enables the Cambodia Development Resource Institute to collaborate with seven partners to continue the work of the Cambodia Development Research Forum. The key ideas underpinning the Forum emerged from a meeting of all IDRC-supported groups and individuals in Cambodia in 2007. In the Forum's first phase, annual research symposia were held, and a Web platform was established to link researchers. The goal of this second phase is to further strengthen the capacity of the Cambodian development research community.

In this latest phase, five research interest groups are facilitating interaction and learning among development researchers, government officials, members of parliament, and the media on pressing development issues. The Forum continues to organize its annual development symposium. It is supported by an Internet-based platform ( with some 500 members. Additional activities include the production of research synthesis and policy papers, and the organization of research workshops and policy roundtables.

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End Date

Friday, December 9, 2016


42 months

IDRC Officer

Edgard Rodriguez

Total funding

CA$ 850,000



Project Leader

Hing Vutha


The Cambodia Development Resource Institute

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