Building Food Security and Social Resilience to HIV/AIDS in Malawi

In Malawi, small farmers face many challenges in sustaining a viable food system and are therefore highly vulnerable to climate change. Previous work in Ekwendi and Kasungu (projects 100670 and 101829) identified knowledge gaps and social equity issues in the context of climate change. These issues will be explored in further detail in this project. Working with farmers and stakeholders, researchers will document how climate change is perceived or experienced by age, gender, HIV/AIDS status, food security status and household structure. They will examine how government organizations are conceptualizing and responding to climate change. They will identify and pilot test suitable adaptation strategies for addressing climate change, health and food security. And, they will advocate in favor of policy based on the research findings. The various adaptation strategies to be explored will include alternative crops, agro-ecological methods, seed banks, food preservation options and community-oriented activities.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


48 months

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crmadm CRM

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CA$ 566,860




Food, Environment, and Health

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Esther Lupafya


Ekwendeni C.C.A.P. Hospital

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Rachel Bezner-Kerr


The University of Western Ontario

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Dr. Patson Nalivata


University of Malawi