Building a Cross-sectoral, Multi-sectoral, Gender-sensitive Approach to Violence Against Women

It is generally believed that women in northeastern India enjoy greater mobility and visibility than women in the rest of the country. Nevertheless, customary practices in the region make women and girls vulnerable to violence both in the home and in the public sphere. At the same time, public institutions like the police and the health services do not have the sensitivity and training to deal with gender-based violence.

This project will allow North East Network (NEN), in partnership with the health and law enforcement services in the state of Meghalaya, to document violence against women and design training sessions and workshops based on the results. NEN will also produce and disseminate information to the public on gender-friendly support services for women and girls.

The idea is to build the capacity of public institutions and civil society to understand and respond to the challenge of gender-based violence.

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Start Date

Thursday, April 19, 2007

End Date

Monday, October 26, 2009


24 months

IDRC Officer

Singh, Navsharan

Total funding

CA$ 47,700


India, Central Asia, Far East Asia, South Asia

Project Leader

Dr. Monisha Behal & Ms. Darilyn Syiem


North East Network

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