Autonomy and Community Management of Protected Areas in Neuquen and Araucania (Argentina and Chile)

The Mapuche are an indigenous people settled in what is today southwestern Argentina and southern Chile. The two countries have declared protected areas on part of their territory, with limited input from the Mapuche themselves. This has generated tension between the Mapuche and national and provincial authorities in the two countries. This project is premised on the hypothesis that to enable effective management of natural reserves on indigenous territory, it is necessary that communities have enough autonomy to interact with national authorities in the design of management strategies. More advances have been made in this regard in Argentina than in Chile. This grant will strengthen the capacity of indigenous groups in the two countries to contribute to public policy formulation for collective resource management in Neuquen (Argentina) and Araucania (Chile).

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Start Date

Friday, August 1, 2008

End Date

Monday, January 31, 2011


24 months

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Rondon, Marco

Total funding

CA$ 452,800


Argentina, South America, Chile, North and Central America


Climate Change

Project Leader

Veronica Huilipan


Comunidad Lof Lefiman

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José Aylwin


Observatorio de Derechos de los Pueblos Indigenas

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