AUCC-IDRC Partnership Grant 2013-2016: Canadian University Student Mobility in North-South Partnerships

The dynamics of international collaboration continue to evolve with the international community's changing geo-political and economic landscape. At the same time, higher education is becoming increasingly globalized. To address these issues, there is a need to study student mobility in North-South partnerships, or developing- and developed-country collaborations. In particular, more information is needed on Canadian students travelling abroad to study. This project will identify promising practices in Canadian universities' student mobility programs, which are designed to advance the institutions' internationalization strategies. Researchers will examine program partnerships between developing- and developed-countries, along with the success factors behind them. This project is the latest in IDRC's partnership with the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC). Researchers will will examine a number of questions: -What will the future of student mobility programs look like in this changing environment? -What impact will the emergence of open online courses, transnational campuses, and evolving technologies have on student mobility? -How will institutions ensure that internships and exchanges with developing countries develop and provide mutual benefit? -What challenges and opportunities exist in developing student mobility programs outside of social studies and international development studies? -How can a university use internships to complement and leverage partnerships with developing-country institutions? Advancing the policy dialogue AUCC will study these issues and organize policy dialogue activities. The goal: to highlight and share promising practices. AUCC sees this project's potential to: -improve understanding of Canadian student mobility within formal developing- and developed-country partnerships; -enhance collaboration practices in this context; -promote developing- and developed-country partnerships, along with AUCC's role; and, -enhance the impact of Canadian universities' student mobility overseas on development research. The project will involve five sets of activities: research, policy dialogue, communications, partnership activities, and monitoring and reporting. Each component has its own specific objective, activities, and expected outcomes.

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Thursday, March 9, 2017


36 months

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Luc Mougeot

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CA$ 397,800


Foundations for Innovation

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Philip Landon


Universities Canada/Universités Canada

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