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Assessment and development of implementation models of health-related Sustainable Development Goals

This research project, a collaboration between IDRC and Aga Khan Foundation Canada, seeks ultimately to advance the global attainment of the health-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Similar to IDRC’s Think Health exploratory efforts to understand the implementation of the health-related SDGs over the last two years, Aga Khan University has also been exploring how best to support SDG implementation at national levels. Shared findings from IDRC and Aga Khan University’s respective work in this area show that implementation and monitoring approaches vary between countries and it is essential to understand patterns of interaction, bottlenecks and contextual factors. There is a great learning opportunity in sharing and building on these results from the exploratory initiatives.

The project will review and conduct a global synthesis of literature, IDRC Think Health project outputs from 2016-2017, Aga Khan University consultation outputs from 2017, and existing strategies and concepts for implementing and monitoring health-related SDGs. This will result in a systematic review addressing health-related SDG implementation strategies. The project will be supplemented by evidence generated from targeted consultations in five countries that aim to bring together different stakeholders contributing to health outcomes. Finally, the project aims to deliver integrated implementation tools, evidence-based policy briefs, and scientific papers relevant to global and national policy makers regarding SDG implementation.

The project aligns with the 2030 Global Agenda for Sustainable Development and is closely aligned with Canada’s Policy for Civil Society Partnerships for International Assistance.

Project ID
Project Status
End Date
18 months
IDRC Officer
Qamar Mahmood
Total Funding
CA$ 280,000.00
Global Health
Institution Country
Project Leader
Aga Khan Foundation Canada/Fondation Aga Khan Canada