Analyzing Financial Flows from Emerging Economies to the Developing World

The context of development assistance is changing, with private financial flows now well exceeding official development assistance levels. In addition, growth in emerging economies in the coming 10-to-15 years will likely result in sizable increases in aid-like flows from these countries, further changing the traditional aid landscape.

Despite these trends, there is currently no systematic collection or dissemination of these flows. This project will measure and analyze four types of financial flows - official development assistance, global philanthropy, remittances and private capital investment - to the developing world by Brazil, India, China, South Africa, and other selected emerging economies.

Deriving best possible estimates for South-South flows will fill an important gap in development thinking and policy by providing information on the amount and types of financial flows. The data and analysis will inform current thinking on the role of so-called "new donors" and private actors, and suggest areas where future research is warranted.

The trends extracted from the research will be useful to donors, emerging economies and developing countries alike in understanding these changing dynamics. Results of the research will be published in the Center for Global Prosperity's annual Index of Global Philanthropy and Remittances, and will comprise the focus of the 2013 publication. Results will also be disseminated through seminars, the Center for Global Prosperity blog, targeted media outreach, op-eds, and white papers.

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Start Date

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

End Date

Thursday, July 31, 2014


12 months

IDRC Officer

Gorman, Maggie

Total funding

CA$ 95,730


Brazil, South America, China, Far East Asia, India, South Africa, North of Sahara, South of Sahara, North and Central America, Central Asia, South Asia

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Dr. Carol C. Adelman


Hudson Institute,

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United States

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