Addressing Local Conflicts in Latin America: New Responses for New Scenarios

Local conflicts at the community and small city level have spread across Latin America in the last decade. When conflict stems from social or economic development issues, local mechanisms for resolving them are either not in place, are insufficient, or are not adapted to the on-the-ground realities. As a result, important decisions around urban planning, economic development, or community involvement in the provision of security are delayed or blocked. This project aims to respond to a growing demand for creative and durable solutions where the private sector can play a proactive and legitimate role in resolving these conflicts. This project will address the problem through methods that incorporate private sector participation, together with new perspectives on the nature of local conflicts. It will explore how open responses that engage government, industry, and civil society from an early stage in disputes could offer effective, lasting solutions. The project will secure participation of all stakeholders - from industry, central and municipal governments, research organizations, and multilateral development actors. Field research will be carried out in three small-sized cities in Chile and one in Uruguay. Both countries offer good examples of the challenges emerging economies may increasingly face in the region. It will focus more specifically on -urban planning policies -natural resource extractive activities -urban disaster recovery Through applied quantitative and qualitative participatory methods, researchers will assess different interventions and provide stakeholders with locally driven tools to resolve conflict and ensure good governance. The project will be led by Tironi and Associates, a private sector consulting firm recognized for its innovative work. It will undertake groundbreaking research on alternatives to traditional corporate social responsibility approaches and foster dialogue among otherwise reluctant private sector community actors. The UNDP's Chile Human Development Report Programme will bring recognized intellectual leadership, influence, and research capacity to the initiative. By combining their efforts, both institutions have been able to ensure the active support of public authorities and private sector actors at the national and local levels.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018


24 months

IDRC Officer

Florencio Ceballos

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CA$ 478,700


Chile, South America, Uruguay


Governance and Justice

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Rodrigo Araya Dujisin


Tironi y Asociados S.A.

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