Women in Kenya harvesting legumes.

Agriculture and Food Security

We invest in projects that bring food, nutrition, and income to small-scale farmers and their families.

The goal of the Agriculture and Food Security program is to support innovation for more efficient and sustainable agricultural production to enhance food security, incomes, and nutrition that benefit small-scale farmers (particularly women).

The program has four priorities:

  • Focus on new or underutilized crops, fruits, and vegetables, and high-value animal products to boost both incomes and nutrition.
  • Support projects with high potential for transferability and adoption with the active participation of the private sector or social entrepreneurship organizations.
  • Contribute to the development of improved market access and agricultural value chains for smallholders.
  • Support programming on financial services, small-scale mechanization, reduction of post-harvest losses, and youth employment in the agricultural sector.

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Research helps improve food security and nutrition (PDF, 2.5MB)

Scaling up: Expanding the impact of food security and nutrition innovations (PDF,1MB)


The Agriculture and Food Security program funds research primarily through competitive calls. Announcements and details on eligibility and thematic focus for funding opportunities will be posted on IDRC’s funding page.


Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
Department of Health and Social Care, UK Government
Global Affairs Canada, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation