The UK Department for International Development

The UK Department for International Development

The Department for International Development (DFID) has helped extend our reach in many areas, including climate change adaptation and quality of life in urban communities.

DFID leads the UK’s work to end poverty in developing countries. DFID has been a valuable partner, allowing us to extend the reach of our programs. In November 2015, we signed an overarching partnership agreement with DFID to strengthen our business relationship by increasing efficiency, diminishing transaction costs, and clarifying expectations.

Our joint work on climate change adaptation has led to five collaborative consortiums working to address hot spots – very fragile environments feeling the impacts of climate change. The joint expertise and experience of these consortiums on research, policy, and practice are helping governments in those regions to design and adopt new policies to better equip local populations so they can adapt to climate change.

Together with DFID, we also fund Safe and Inclusive Cities, a global program that documents the links between urban violence, poverty, and inequalities. The program proposes comprehensive solutions to reduce feelings of insecurity and the number of violent deaths in cities.

Supported initiatives


Think Tank Initiative
This initiative is creating high-quality independent research and policy institutions throughout the developing world.

Open Data for Development
The Open Data for Development program’s global network will facilitate and scale innovative approaches to open data to ensure benefits reach citizens in developing countries. Combining research and...

Information and Networks in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa
The Information and Networks in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa program focuses on producing and sharing credible, high-quality evidence on the influence of digital initiatives in governance, science,...