Global Affairs Canada

A longstanding partner, Global Affairs Canada collaborates with us on maternal and child health, agriculture and food security, and open data for development. 

Global Affairs Canada and IDRC have a long history of collaboration. As a Government of Canada Crown Corporation, we are an important part of Canada’s foreign affairs and development efforts. Our partnerships support research focused on maternal and child health, agriculture and food security, and open data for development.

The Canadian International Food Security Research Fund is a CA$125 million initiative that aims to bring market-ready agriculture innovations to more people, improving lives and livelihoods. Canadian and low- and middle-income country researchers are working together to improve food supply chains to increase nutrition in developing countries. For example, Vietnamese and Canadian research teams developed micronutrient-enriched instant flours and baby cereals using local crops and local processing facilities.

Global Affairs Canada, IDRC, and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research are collaborating to improve health outcomes for African mothers and babies through the Maternal and Child Health program. Leading African and Canadian researchers, as well as decision-makers, are working on practical solutions to challenges within the health care system that will lead to lower death rates among pregnant women and children.


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