Silings padddling to school

Collaboration in informal settlements: tackling flooding with a local perspective

In most developing countries, solid waste management is a significant challenge, especially in urban slums and other informal settlements.

Giving a voice to the urban poor: the scavengers of Cochabamba

For Bolivia’s urban poor, it’s vital to adopt "survival strategies” to provide supplemental income that makes up for precarious and low wages.
A worker from Caritas Homabay is showing local residents beans in Africa

Scaling Science

A new model for optimizing the impact of research and innovation
An Indian female entrepreneur is holding a meeting

Courts — not kinship — offer greater opportunity for South Asian entrepreneurs

Women and people from marginalized populations need well-functioning courts to realize their potential, research in Bangladesh and India has found.
A view of Bidi Bidi refugee camp in northern Uganda.

Addressing maternal and child health in fragile contexts

Creative solutions can overcome barriers to access to health services in fragile contexts. 
A boy is playing piano

When the brain hits the right notes

Can music make us better at math? An Israeli-Canadian research team is trying to find out.     
Wilson Sauto, 38, a home based counsellor in Kamunhukamwe village, Nyanga.

Research findings are catalyst to nationwide HIV prevention trial in Botswana

New research into HIV prevention has led to a groundbreaking national trial for HIV prevention in Botswana.
Selam Asre, 28, gave birth to a baby girl by Caesarean section at the Merawi Primary Hospital.

Studying deaths can save lives

Knowing what is killing mothers and children in Ethiopia is vital — it will help save lives by ensuring that public health money is spent wisely.
Tunnel chamber


Unpacking the disruptive potential of blockchain technology for human development.
Bano Bibi lives in a small mud dwelling in the outskirts of Islamabad with her granddaughters.

Take heart in an initiative aiming to bring universal healthcare to Pakistan

Heartfile has developed an innovative model of health financing that enrolls primarily public sector health facilities.