Sharing opportunities for innovation in climate change adaptation

April 24, 2018

ADAPTO Project


The collaboration agreement signed by more than 50 local and foreign stakeholders, including local authorities and community and women-led organizations affected by climate change.

More than 45 participants, including researchers and students from Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, and Haiti, exchanged experiences of implementing climate change adaptation projects in informal settlements at a recent ADAPTO workshop (ADAPTO is the Spanish acronym for Climate change adaptation in informal settlements project).

Participants also worked with community members and government representatives to find adaptation strategies for the Colombian cities of Yumbo and Cali. “These workshops produce a significant added value to scholars, women, and authorities,” ADAPTO Project Director Gonzalo Lizarralde explained. “They help identify difficulties, such as conflicts and tensions, best practices, and opportunities for collaboration and innovation in climate change adaptation,” he added. The ADAPTO project raises awareness of the effects of climate change on informal settlements. Its workshops were created to facilitate knowledge transfer between stakeholders, to reinforce local skills, and to identify patterns within informal settlements.  

In this second workshop, participants explored common barriers to implementing initiatives for climate change adaptation in Latin America and the Caribbean — and effective strategies to overcome them. Four urban proposals for the Panorama neighborhood were developed by local and international students; women led three visits to local initiatives; and two community meetings were held in Yumbo and Siloé. In Yumbo, more than 50 local and foreign stakeholders, including representatives from the Yumbo Planning Department and women affected by climate change, signed a collaboration agreement. Finally, the ADAPTO project was presented at an international forum on climate change adaptation organized at Universidad del Valle in Cali.

The ADAPTO project is currently supporting six women-led projects of tactical urbanism — low-cost interventions to improve local neighbourhoods — in Chile, Colombia, and Cuba. The next ADAPTO workshop will be held in Cuba in March 2019.

This workshop received additional funding from Université de Montréal’s Direction des affaires internationals and School of Architecture, Universidad del Valle, and Œuvre durable (The Disaster Resilience and Sustainable Reconstruction Research Alliance).