Reaching global health goals: an expert panel

May 04, 2017

world health summit 2017 logo

IDRC is hosting a panel discussion on May 8, 2017 at the World Health Summit Regional Meeting for North America in Montreal.

“SDGs and health: A vision for public policy” features speakers from Brazil, India, Uganda, Switzerland, and Canada who will discuss the actual and anticipated impact of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) on health policy and practice globally and in specific countries. The panel’s objective is to encourage stakeholders in the global health arena to ensure political commitment at various levels of government towards goal three of the SDGs: health and well-being for all.

The event is part of IDRC’s exploratory work focusing on health, SDGs, and the role that policy research institutions can play in attaining health for all. The panelists will also be speaking at IDRC in Ottawa on May 9, 2017.

In collaboration with partners in Africa, Europe, Latin America, and South Asia, IDRC has hosted consultations on the role of policy research institutions in informing health policy and contributing to the health-related SDGs. Collectively, these consultations fostered dialogue and engagement with key actors in the health knowledge-to-policy landscape. In addition to exploring the impact of the SDGs on health, the Montreal and Ottawa panel discussions will also share early outcomes and learnings from the consultations.

Read about our global efforts to strengthen the implementation and monitoring of the health-related SDGs and our consultation on SDGs and health in West Africa.

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