New videos explore women’s empowerment through three stories

September 14, 2018

Get a glimpse of the complex realities that shape the daily routines of Munni, Shazia, and Zipporah. Learn how child marriage, social and cultural norms that limit mobility, and the burden of paid and unpaid work affect these women in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Kenya.

These vivid on-the-ground perspectives — gathered from countries where Growth and Economic Opportunities for Women (GrOW) researchers conducted fieldwork — are a testament to the resilience and insights that women everywhere bring to the challenges they face.

GrOW was a five-year program that generated knowledge about women’s economic empowerment, gender equality, and economic growth in low-income countries. Supported by the UK’s Department for International Development, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and IDRC, the program engaged with policymakers and practitioners at national and international levels to identify more effective ways of empowering women. Although the number of women participating in the economy is growing, efforts to support women’s empowerment continue to be vital in a world where they face social, cultural, political, and financial barriers to reach their full economic potential.

Read Munni, Shazia, and Zipporah’s stories and watch the short documentaries:

Learn more about the GrOW program.