The much anticipated GrowInclusive Platform now under construction

January 04, 2018


Inclusive growth has become a central idea in most national development plans, but for many it remains primarily an aspiration. Governments, international donors, and civil society organizations lack tried and true mechanisms to promote and foster inclusive growth. Many businesses recognize that they also have a role to play to maximize the positive social impact of economic growth and are calling for tools and resources to help achieve this goal.

In response, the World Economic Forum, World Bank Group, and IDRC are building the GrowInclusive platform. With the launch planned for April 2018, the platform will serve as a virtual and interactive space for government, business, and civil society leaders to discuss successful inclusive growth practices. It will identify successful policy models and strategies through past and ongoing case studies that will be mapped out to promote learning from successful corporate and public-private practices. GrowInclusive will enable users to evaluate their social and economic impact against the sector benchmark, helping to accelerate progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and inclusive growth in particular.

Learn more from the international experts in this video about what inclusive growth means and what the Forum and IDRC are doing about it.

Case studies in inclusive growth

The 38 case studies that will be featured on GrowInclusive were selected by a panel of 16 judges from more than 200 submissions — by June it’s expected that 60 case studies will be featured on the platform. The selected case studies encompass economic, social, environmental, and governance practices and solutions from 33 countries — with several cases having a global reach. They will be categorized and searchable by region, industry, stakeholder type, organizational size, status of completion, impact areas, and SDGs. To date, the most represented sectors are agriculture, professional services, and healthcare.