IDRC published in the prestigious journal Nature

July 04, 2018

An article about Research Quality Plus (RQ+), co-written by IDRC President Jean Lebel and Senior Program Specialist Robert McLean, was published in the Comment section of the July 5, 2018 issue of the prestigious journal Nature.

This accomplishment demonstrates not only the rigour of IDRC's work, but also the importance of RQ+ in research for development. Publishing an article in Nature provides IDRC with one of the most credible international showcases among the world's top scientists and influencers.

The article describes RQ+ as a flexible and holistic approach for evaluating the quality of research for development. This approach embraces a broad definition of research quality that extends beyond  scientific rigour to recognize other critical dimensions. RQ+ considers contextual factors, includes customizable assessment rubrics, and promotes the use of empirical evidence to inform expert evaluations of research quality.

Nature is one of the oldest and most reputable scientific journals in the world. It was launched in 1869 by Joseph Norman Lockyer, who had a commitment to excellence in the "hard" sciences, including physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, and genetics, as well as paleontology, geology, evolutionary sciences, archeology, and even certain aspects of social science.

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