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IDRC at the Asia-Pacific Gender Summit

August 15, 2019
IDRC is pleased to join scientists, gender scholars, and policymakers at the 2019 Asia-Pacific Gender Summit in Singapore from August 28–30. This year’s theme is Diversity and Gender in Science: Enhancing the Value of Research and Innovation.
Dominic Chavez / World Bank Medical technicians organize and process donated blood at Hanoi Blood Transfusion Centre in Hanoi, Vietnam.

As a proud sponsor of the summit, IDRC will share its experience in enhancing biological (sex) and socio-cultural (gender) considerations in biomedical research.

In the “Sex, gender, and diversity as dimensions of quality in health research and outcomes” panel, IDRC Senior Program Specialist Fabiano Santos will present lessons learned from encouraging sex/gender issues as research variables and clinical factors in biomedical projects supported by the Joint Canada-Israel Health Research Program.

IDRC is hosting a workshop on the same topic that will address the challenges researchers face and provide tools for integrating sex and gender considerations in biomedical research.

IDRC is also pleased to help build the capacity of medical researchers based in the Global South by supporting grantees of the Joint Canada-Israel Health Research Program based in the Asia-Pacific region to attend the summit and workshop.

Read the Asia-Pacific Gender Summit program for more details