IDRC at the Annual Mobiles for Education Alliance Symposium

November 01, 2018

Thought leaders in the field of information and communications technology for education will gather at the United States Institute for Peace in Washington, D.C., for the eighth Annual Mobiles for Education Alliance Symposium from November 6-8, 2018.

This year’s theme, “Using Technology to scale support for Teachers and Community Educators in low-resource Environments,” focuses on how technology can provide greater support for teachers and community educators in their professional development, motivation, networking, and delivery of instruction in traditional and non-traditional educational settings.

IDRC is pleased to be a platinum sponsor of the Symposium and to be holding a special session on teacher professional development (TPD) in low-resource environments. This interactive session will highlight good practices in TPD and current concepts of scale in both theory and practice. A particular focus will be on a core objective of IDRC’s TPD @ Scale coalition, which is to achieve equity, quality, and efficiency in TPD at scale.

Led by the Mobiles for Education Steering Committee, the Symposium is designed to dynamically increase practitioner and policymaker access to relevant information on the appropriate and scalable use of low-cost technologies to improve learning outcomes, principally in low-resource environments and developing countries.

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