IDRC at the Adaptation Futures Conference

June 07, 2018
Asif Jehengir cleans a solar-powered water pumping system allows Farmers to irrigate their fields in Talagang,Pakistan.

IDRC / Tom Pilston

IDRC and some of our key Climate Change Program partners will showcase our critical work on adaptation and resilience in hot spot regions at the Adaptation Futures 2018 conference in Cape Town, South Africa, from June 18–21.

Adaptation Futures is the world’s premier conference on climate change adaptation. IDRC will have a significant presence at the conference, leading several special sessions on the topics of financing adaptation, mobility and migration, adaptation in climate hotspots, and collaborative adaptation research.

This year is an ideal time to present findings from the IDRC Climate Change Program, and in particular from the Collaborative Adaptation Research Initiative in Africa and Asia (CARIAA) program, which is wrapping up a seven-year partnership co-funded by the UK’s Department for International Development. With more than 40 implementing partners in three climate change hotspot regions in Africa and Asia, CARIAA has supported collaborative research on adaptation in deltas, semi-arid lands, and glacial-dependant river basins.

In addition to the IDRC-led sessions, our key CARIAA partners are leading in excess of 30 special sessions, more than 30 oral presentations, and showing 20 posters. This will be a key opportunity to showcase the maturing research results emerging from the program, and to facilitate dialogue on climate change adaptation solutions with the diverse actors at the conference.

IDRC-led sessions at Adaptation Futures:

Mobility and migration in climate hot spots: Implications for sustainable development

Tuesday, June 19 | 2:15–4:00 pm

This session explores the connections between climate risks, population mobility, adaptation and loss and damage. Migration can be a successful adaptation, but it can also result in losses and damages for migrants, the places they come from, and their host communities. This session provides a platform for presenting research evidence and discussing legal and policy implications.

Mapping the frontiers of adaptation research in the Global South: Identifying priorities and exploring modes of knowledge (co-)production

Tuesday, June 19 | 4:30–6:15 pm

This is a forward-looking session that will identify the frontiers of climate change adaptation research and practice via a multi-sector discussion between donors, researchers, and NGOs. Panelists will also share their long-term experiences with collaborative efforts toward climate action.

Hotspots 2.0: Innovation for climate resilient development

Wednesday, June 20 | 9:15–11:00 am

Scaling up climate-resilient development innovations remains a challenge in developing countries. Using tested case studies of scale up options formulated around climate services, ecosystem-based adaptation, information and communications technology, and food value chains, the session will showcase adaptation innovations that have been successfully deployed in the Global South.

Financing adaptation and building resilience: Emerging lessons from climate insurance and risk pooling research in Africa and Asia

Wednesday, June 20 | 2:15–4:00 pm

This session will discuss potential financing instruments for adaptation from a developing country perspective. Among other topics, it will touch upon financing agriculture adaptation; challenges with the credit market for adaptation; and risk pooling mechanisms to cover severe hazards. Finally, the session will discuss some practical recommendations for public and private investment in adaptation and mainstreaming adaptation finance.

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